Get Started On Your Greeting Card

Congratulations on deciding to make greeting cards with your artwork!

Here is how to get the ball rolling.

1) Prepare image of artwork.

We accept image files in .jpg/.jpeg, .gif, .tif or .pdf format.

Image resolution should be 300dpi or better. The longest side of the image should be at least 7.5” or 2250 pixels. Depending on the image we can work with lower resolutions. If you are uncertain, send us the file and we will check it out.

2) Prepare text for the back of the card.

The text you choose for back of your card explains who you are, information about the artwork, and how to contact you. The text should be brief and informative. Here is a suggestion:

Title of Artwork
(dimensions, materials, year created)

One sentence bio and/or artist statement

website and/or email address

3) Email image and text

Email the image and text to

Send image file as an attachment.

Put the text in the body of the email.

Also include:
First & Last Name
Shipping Address

(You can use a service like yousendit (; Easy File Sharing (; or Dropbox ( to send files. Just be sure that your image files are titled with the name of the artwork so that it corresponds with the caption.)

4) Pay the Fee

Click HERE to pay the registration fee.

(The cost is $20 per image which includes 10 cards and shipping within North America. A confirmation email will include instructions on ordering additional quantities.)

That’s it!

We will take it from there. In 24-48 hours, you will receive a confirmation email. We will work with you to bring your greeting card project to completion.

Got Questions?

Send us an EMAIL.

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